Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I'm Wall Street. You're the fool.

I’m Wall Street. You can’t sell your house and you don’t blame me. That’s rich. You’ve chosen to occupy Main Street rather than Wall Street. Your faith in the American Dream remains stalwart. Individual liberties and freedoms will allow you to prosper. But you’re not prospering. That’s clear from your picture. Still, it doesn’t shake your faith.

The house you can’t sell is probably worth half of what it once was. Where did your investment go?

I pocketed the difference. I drove up the prices for years, taking a sip here and sip there. The housing market crashed. Pension funds crashed. Your house became worthless. I kept my money.

I’m Wall Street. Where do you fit in? What’s your role in these financial markets? You’re the fool. I can sit here and tell you that and it doesn’t even matter. There’s enough fools out there. If it weren’t for my limitless greed, I wouldn’t have to work another day in my life.

You fight for me on Main Street, on the airwaves and on Tumblr. You fight the regulations that would allow you to exercise your individual freedoms on a fair playing field. But you never lose faith in the power of those freedoms. That’s rich, too.

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